Thursday, 10 March 2011

New Schtick Needed

Here're some misc. pixxx I've made recently, for laffs (William Wallace), for hott christmas prizes (Santa), and for zines (Doctor Forward, Modern Bananaman).

Let's move forward, together.

Like A Real Artist

Hello! I recently had a picture in Black Static issue 21 (buy it!), accompanying the fantastically-titled-and-also-written 'Ulterior Design' by V.H. Leslie. Here's a small version of it all put together, looking braw!

(a bigger version of the picture can be seen here, the second picture down)

When I was making this, I first made some sort of hideous MS Paint (I know!) atrocity to see how the colours and shapes'd fit together as some sort of nebulous attempt at 'design'. Here it is!

Perhaps I should have submitted that instead? RFOFLERZ. Ahem.

Anyway, as you can see, the end product is similar but different. DRAMATIC INSIGHT.

Ocht, might as well show you the one I did for Black Static 20 as well (a bit further doon the 'creative path' but), eh? It's for "The Compartments of Hell" by Sarah Pinborough and Paul Meloy.

Here's the image with the story:

(The finished piece is the first image here)

And here's the hideous work-in-progress/testy-thing/thumbnail: