Monday, 31 May 2010

Yuck Hoc

Up there is a poster I made for a club that didnae go ahead, due to some sort of management changeover. Grrrngh. Enjoy!

And above, here, is a proposed cover for the summer issue of Yuck n' Yum. Is it good? I hope so?

Wednesday, 26 May 2010


Hello! I finally have a scanner and a PC and internet and all the things a growing jerk needs. Here is an unfinished picture, to celebrate!

Thursday, 6 May 2010

It's All Getting A Bit Slaaneshi

Here is one version of an image I drew for a Bandwidth podcast, in which the brief was 'sexy girl with headphones', which, being a modern lefty human partyboy, I felt a bit uncomfortable about. Why draw 'sexy' when you can draw 'KirbyDrag slurking brainhair', though?

Before drawing this, I did some sketches and that, and here is a page of them! PLANNZ.

Around about the same time, I caught a hideous case of mania regarding the release of Super Street Fighter IV, so I drew a quick picture of my pal and yours, Blanka.

And to round off this blog post, have a dose of prime recent autopilot.

Late Linksers

Oh man! I have had no internet access due to moving hoose! I have made no updates! I must change this!

Here is me being interviewed, for Culture Northern Ireland! I hope I am not awful, but perhaps am?

Here is the Doctor Who-themed article I illustrated for Bandwidth! Good or bad? Only time and eyes can decide!